Kitten Mitten Town Pound Design Diary: Who’s it for?

Apologies to my one avid reader (Hi wife!) for the lack of updates in the past 3 months, it has been a woozee of a time! Whilst most have found extra time on their hands, and were busy making variations of the same TikTok video; my time in social isolation has been my busiest: withContinue reading “Kitten Mitten Town Pound Design Diary: Who’s it for?”

Gangster Derby Design Diary#1 Constant Threat

 “Ambivalence”, that is not a word I thought I would normally start a blog with as it indicates uncertainty  I tend to have very specific feelings about something, but when I received the artwork for my game Gangster Derby, I couldn’t help but feel extremely excited and extremely demotivated at the same time. What RisingContinue reading “Gangster Derby Design Diary#1 Constant Threat”